Girls and women in Nigeria face a plethora of problems and a lot of sexism one of which is exclusion of girls in education and high rate of school drop-out as a result of early marriage which are multi-dimensional and largely draws its bases from religious and cultural belief system which makes girls direct recipients of crucial form of injustice.

Deprioritizing girl child education has not in any way produced any positive outcome instead it has resulted to increase in poverty, increased probability of medical complications in sexual and reproductive health.

Society for Women and Girl Child Empowerment is working towards improving quality education and increasing enrollment of girls in school, as well as strengthening and empowering them especially at community level through education and developing measurable strategies in advocating and engaging religious/traditional rulers, parents/guardians and different groups to promote  girl child education and, advocate for creating enabling environment for providing quality education for the Nigerian girl thereby equipping them to face future challenges.