Drug Abuses Among Nigerian Women

Criminal behaviours or anti-social acts can happen when people are under the influence of these substances. Varying reasons have been attributed to the abuse of substances but what is clear is that this phenomenon has caught many people in its destructive web, young, old, male and female.

When drug abuse is mentioned, attention and concerns are centred most times on the male population. Quite unexpectedly, it has evolved to include all classes of girls and women in tertiary institutions, working class, married, unemployed and displaced women from insurgency, among others.

A report released by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) has indicated an increasing number of women involvement in drug abuse. According to the report, women and girls comprise one third of global drug users. Some sources say the most affected females are the wives and daughters of the wealthy.  In the same vein, the problem of substance abuse has also been reported among the female young undergraduates in the country. A recent report by The Vanguard Newspaper states that “out of every five males there can be two females that are hooked on drugs, but now the trend has changed. In other words, out of every five males, one can get up to four females that are drug addicts”.  Only recently, the Governor of Katsina State, Bello Masari bemoaned the fact that during ceremonies, about 50 per cent of women have one type of drugs or the other contained in their bags. Ranging from
codeine to cough syrup has become the favourite drug of abuse by these females. This disheartening development is an emergency and calls for concerted efforts from the government, CSOs and religious bodies.

The rise in drug use among women has been argued to be a fall out of use among men, emotional problems, and peer pressure among other factors. Women often take to mild +drugs such as codeine, and prescription drugs. This

[mom_row][/mom_row]development is responsible for +health issues such as cancer and may be remotely responsible for transmission of STDs, promote unwanted pregnancies, domestic violence and other societal ills. A bottle of codeine goes for about 800 to 1000 per bottle and some addicts take between 5 to 8 bottles per day. The financial implication of this is quite heavy. Therefore, to live this heavy maintenance lifestyle, money is sought from any available source. Additionally, these women are exposed to dangers such as rape, accidents, kidnap, and death because of the side effects of these drugs and the kind of places they buy or consume them.

It is therefore urgent to shift attention to this vulnerable group who are portrayed in the society as pillars of the home. Female drug addictiveness will definitely be a more deadly challenge if not tackled on time to halt its fast spreading venom.  Swoge is on aggressive sensitization and enlightenment on the dangers of drug abuse and believes this cannot be overlooked in any instance. Additionally, counselling of addicts should be a priority to effectively minimize this menace.

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