Women and Adolescent Girl Child Leadership

One of society for Women and Girl Child Empowerment’s focused area is fostering good and positive leadership skills in women and adolescent girls through developing their leadership skills.

SWOGE intends organizing leadership programs for women and adolescents with the objective of making them realise that:

  • They are all leaders and leadership is the stance they take, the way they feel and the actions they take at any moment.
  • Leadership is not only about being able to speak to thousands of people and leading them somewhere but all  about guiding others to find their own paths, discover their own power, and speak their own truths.

SWOGE is working towards developing our today’s daughters into leaders and making them to lean into occupations, positions, appointments and places that are seen to be only for men. Starting by creating awareness and removing the notion that some jobs, even domestic work like cooking and cleaning is “naturally” meant for the girls.


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